Help school children see clearly. Give them a hope for a better life.

Great number of very smart kids with a poor vision cannot afford to have eyeglasses. They suffer academically and eventually drop out from school.

Help students see clearly and build better life.

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Over 150 MILLION STUDENTS suffer from uncorrected poor vision. Without glasses, they can't see, can't learn, and they lose any chance at succeeding in life.


With your help, we can together connect resources directly inside schools to deliver the exams, eyeglasses, and engagement students need to see clearly and succeed.


Eyeglasses can empower people by increasing their productivity by 35%. Glasses have the potential to rise monthly income by 20%. Poor communities gets opportunity to escape poverty.

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From a drop out to the academic excellence

Dong Youming (English name, Jay) was a seventh grade student. Despite having a wonderful curiosity, he had poor grades throughout the year and was labeled a bad student.

In Spring semester, we delivered glasses to Youming. In one afternoon, he went from no sight in class, to seeing clearly. By the end of the school year, he was among the best students in his class.

With your assistance, we can help students like Youming succeed.

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