Our solution relies on three aspects of vision correction, Access, Affordability and Awareness, which we call the three A’s. In order to reach and work in so many schools we rely on our Sight Leaders, a group of dedicated volunteers.

Our Impact

Since 2012



We work to provide free exams to schools that lack appropriate resources in areas that have few eye care professionals.


Glasses aren’t cheep, and for many rural families the cost is too hight. We work to build infrastructure in areas without glasses to reduce the cost of obtaining them.


We try to spread awareness by educating children with the science behind myopia. By correcting old habits and long standing myths we can help foster a new generation of educated individuals that understand the scope of the issue.

Sight Leaders

We collaborate with a group of dedicated volunteers, our Sight Leaders, to spread the message. Sight leaders work together with:

Working with Teachers

Our volunteer Sight Leaders are often teachers, they work and collaborate with other teachers within their schools to co-ordinate the education and to spread awareness. A co-operative group effort between teachers allows Sight Leaders to make the largest impact within their school environment.

Working with Students

Sight Leaders hold the session to educate students on the vision problem. They foster trusting relationship with students to regularly check up on them, diagnosis is essential and eye care exams are co-ordinated by our Sight Leaders to give the students the ability to understand their own vision problem.

Working with Parents

Sight Leaders hold parent meetings to regular update parents on their children’s vision care. Parent and Sight Leaders collaborate to ensure the students receive the largest exposure to vision education and care.

Where We Work in China

Our mission right now - solve the problem of poor vision for every rural student in Yunnan province (~915,000) within the next two years. From there, expand province by province to the rest of China.

Map - China - Yunnan