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Print Design

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  • Concept Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Project Management
  • Cost Estimate
  • Client Satisfaction

I can say with firm confidence that I have an expert knowledge of printing techniques and printing process. 

Through my career, I had the opportunity to manage print production from design ideation to print ready files. I have experience in estimating the print cost and dealing with the print shops to ensure the exceptional quality of the final print product. 

Moreover, with exceptional photo editing skills I had the ability to turn unthinkable ideas into a real product and visually engaging design.


Visual Striking Design

Design should be simple and unique. And clarity should be achieved within constraints of appropriateness and context. 

Commercial vs. Artistic Design

As evident through examples on this page, my favorite projects are the one done for the art community. Only those projects give you the freedom to experiment, try new things and produce the design that through commercial work in not possible. 

On many occasion, working on projects like this one, I discovered techniques that made me more productive and also to certain extent add a new flavor to the commercial design.