Insight into Who I am

I am a knowledgeable and multitalented designer and educator with expertise in marketing and communications. During my career, I had opportunities to work with numerous companies in Europe, Asia, and America, including Raffles Design Institute and Johns Hopkins Medicine.

I managed and directed various print, web design and video production projects focused on Business to Business and Business to Client marketing campaigns. I am proficient in collaborating with diverse clients to gather requirements and set project milestones. My satisfied customers, EBB, Jedinstvo and Okpiro, just to mention few, cooperated with me for more than a decade.

As a teacher, I am very supportive and entirely devoted to delivering in and out of the classroom experience that can encourage students to develop creativity and open-mindedness. I strive to inspire students to always improve their social and design skills necessary for success in today's hyper-competitive market.


Helping businesses to grow is the focus of my approach. By identifying the touching points, where business and their clients meet, I am capable of creating clear, relevant and effective communication.

I care. I am flexible. I listen. I am one of those unusual people who bring their genius to work every day. I find original ideas at the edge of the box, within constraints of clients’ objectives. I get things done without waiting to be told what to do.

I am adaptive and agile. I am ready to work on projects and problems I haven’t encountered before. I constantly strive for better. I hone my knowledge, experiment and explore new areas of expertise in order to improve my critical thinking and the ability to solve problem swiftly.

Areas of Interest

  • Integrated Design and Marketing
  • Web Design, Development, and Accessibility
  • Publication Design
  • Interaction Design and User Experience
  • Video Production and Screenwriting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing for the Marketplace
  • Project Management


  • Master of Fine Arts Integrated Design, 2009

    University of Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

  • Bachelor of Science in Economics in Banking, 2006

    University Braca Karic, Belgrade, Serbia

Certification and Professional Development

  • WAI0.1x: Introduction to Web Accessibility, 2023

    edX, W3Cx

  • Digital Marketing Specialist, 2021

    Simplilearn, Online Marketing Certified Professional

  • Google Data Analytics Specialization, 2021


  • IBM Data Science Specialization, 2021