UX/UI Design / Web Design and Development / Content Strategy

Adventure Canada’s Website

Understanding how people interact with your website and what goal they are trying to achieve is the best place to start when redesigning or building website people will use.

Project Details

Adventure Canada

Small-Ship Expeditions Tour Operator

Marketing Communication and Intelligence Manager | Graphic Designer, 2017 – present

Adventure Canada is a highly dynamic and exciting place to work. I have the opportunity to work on various projects that support marketing initiatives and sales, business development, operations, and client services.

I’m responsible for marketing strategy, advertising, graphic design, UX/UI design, full-stack development, SEO, video production, photography, and content creation to market Adventure Canada’s products effectively. At the same time, I oversee a cohesive tone, voice, and visual presence across all marketing channels.

Rajevac Freelance Services

Marketing and Digital Media Design Strategy

Digital Media Designer | Marketing and Communication Strategist, 2004 - 2016

My focus is always on the clients and how my expertise in design and marketing can help my client grow its business. There are no big or small projects. Every project and client are important. My working attitude toward high project’s standards and detailed oriented mindset resulted in high customer satisfaction. 

DC Web Designer

Web Design Company, USA

Web/Graphic Designer, 2009

Working with DC Web Designers was very enjoyable experience through which I gained insight and the better understanding of dynamic website design and CMS. I collaborated with very talented and creative people to produce information architecture and interface designs for various websites.

Furthermore, I was able to apply my marketing and communications experience to the field of online marketing. From logo design to shopping cart design, I proved myself as a fast thinker capable of solving even the most difficult problems.

Johns Hopkins Medicine

Department of Marketing and Communications, USA

Graphic Designer, 2007-2009

I was privileged to work and learn within the award-winning team of highly knowledgeable people experienced in marketing and communications.

By creating new design themes for publication, marketing, and collateral materials, I gained recognition as a creative thinker capable of delivering fresh and original ideas within a tight deadline.