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  • Project Management
  • Project Scope and Deliverables
  • Budget Management and Cost Control
  • Managing External and Internal Teams
  • Marketing and UI Research
  • UI/UX Design
  • Front-end and Back-end Development
  • Content Management
  • Website Optimization

Understanding how people interact with your website and what goal they are trying to achieve is the best place to start when redesigning or building website people will use.

After joining Adventure Canada in 2017, my first and most significant challenge was redesigning the company’s website. This process required researching by talking to Adventure Canada’s guests, sales, business development, and client services.

The website's primary goal is to help people find the trip of their interest and support the sales. In addition, the website supports Business Development efforts through the Travel Advisor portal, Client Services through the Pred-departure portal, and Operations through Health and Safety portal.

Please visit the website at adventurecanada.com

Talking to Clients Improves User Experience

User interviews and ‘talking loud’ website testing was used as guidelines when designing Adventure Canada’s website.

Adventure Canada Hompage Wireframe

Adventure Canada Website Main Navigation

Cutting Production Time with Front-end Development

We decided not to spend too much time on visual design and wireframes to cut the production cost. Instead, those were created via HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This way, we were able to evaluate the layout and different module functionality much faster.

Budget Control and Team Management

When working on a custom-designed and developed website, it is essential to monitor the budget closely. Sometimes it is not easy to estimate the time to develop a specific module. Usually, before investing in building a new feature, it is good to put a little bit of budget into development research. This way, you will not make features whose cost exceeds the benefits.

Screen Shot Of Project Management Tool

Screen Shot Of Page Speed Test

Website Optimization and Accessibility

Whether you are taking care of the SEO or website speed, your goal is to constantly monitor and improve the website’s performance and usability. Adventure Canada's website is optimized to load fast on the small and big screens and support assistive devices.