Content Strategy and Development / ePub Design

Digital Media Design Program Guide

Client:Raffles Design Institute


  • Design Strategy
  • Communication Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience
  • Fixed ePub Design
  • Project Management

Raffles Design Institute was looking for a tool that will help explain potential students understand better what they can learn in the program of Digital Media Design.

I came up with the ePub solution that will allow students learn about the program by interacting and exploring the content on their tablets.

Content and Interaction Planing

Rough sketches are very helpfulI when quick envisioning of content types and interaction points is needed.


Finding Digital Voice

I used my photo-compositing skills to give photography more authentic, and according to publication’s content, digital feel and look.

Fixed ePub Layout Design

Though fixed layout is not flexible, it offers the creation of quick and inexpensive interactive solution.