Email Marketing / Email Automation / Content Strategy

E-mail and Eblast Campaigns

Client:Adventure Canada

Adventure Canada Email Campaign Screen Shot


  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Content Development and Management
  • Email Analytics and Reporting
  • Project Management
  • Email Design
  • HTML Development

At Adventure Canada, we produce numerous emails and eblasts throughout the year. While supporting our sales efforts, email campaigns are created to help people better understand our product and learn about destinations we visit. 

Please check an example of Adventure Canada’s email campaign.

Landing Pages and Lead Generation

A carefully tailored landing page accompanies almost every email campaign. While some landing pages have a navigational purpose only, they also have call-to-action to download free content or connect with adventure specialists. Please check an example of a landing page on Adventure Canada's website.

Landing Page Call To Action Example

Marketing Automation Screen Shot

Marketing Automation

Depending on peoples’ interests and actions when interacting with the email campaign, we may trigger additional email learning series to help people choose an expedition that fits their needs.