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Finding an emotional connection between people and a charity organization is not that hard, especially when your foundation is focusing on children. Creating the story that explains how poor eyesight keeps millions of people in poverty is much more challenging

Education in Sight is the charity that provides eye examination, eye health care education and free eyeglasses for children in rural China. By correcting children’s poor vision, they are giving them a hope of escaping poverty and building a better life. 

The website objectives were to explain the problem of poor vision, how Education in Sight solves it and to encourage people to support the cause.

The website is not yet alive, but work in progress can be seen following this link.

Simplifying Complexity

Working closely with the client, we created a visual narrative that is straightforward and easy to understand. By using illustrations and short writing, we get to the core of the complex problems of poor vision Education is Sight is trying to solve. 

Writing is the essential part of my design process. It lets me plan audio-visual narrative together with information architecture. 

Also, interactive wireframes are created to help the client understand how the website will look on different devices. https://goo.gl/UpXamT


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Making Design Fun

Designing for the charity which works with children is always a good opportunity to move away from corporate feel and look.

Donate page was a great chance to introduce fun into the design and make people fell confident about the generous contribution they are about to make.

Icon Design

Though those icons cannot stand alone without the context, they are critical for adding visual interest and building a brand trust.

  • Access
  • Affordability
  • Awareness
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Impact
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Parents

Integrated Design Approach

As a part of the content strategy, the video is designed to complement the content on the website's homepage and vice versa.


Keep Project Moving

I try to engage client by making him a member of the creative team. By doing this, the client understands I am listening, and he is in control. It helps move project faster toward completion.