Wine Label Design Enhancement

La Reserve des Rois de France

Client:Winery “Cave de la Pretrise”

Wine Label Front And Back


  • Graphic Design
  • Prototyping
  • Focus Group Testing

Cave de la Pretrise realized they cannot go on the market with the label design they had. I improved on existing design, helping Cave de la Pretrise to launch a new product in the Chinese market.  

Paying Attention to Details

From the well-balanced space to the choice of typeface, every single design element matters and contributes to harmonious feel and look. 

Original label design
Improved label design

French Typography

The client was very sensitive about typeface choice, telling me that some font I had chosen did not have a French look. I had to do lots of research on 19th-century French typography as well as the typeface used on French wine labels.

Wine Typography