Digital Photography and Photo Manipulation


Client:Various Clients



  • Digital Photography
  • Photo Manipulation

I don’t consider myself photography, but I am definitely able of production images of a great quality. 

However, my real strength is postproduction. I posses advanced knowledge of Photoshop and with my solid knowledge of light I am able to give professional look to the average photo. 

Landscape Photography

Most of my outdoor photography was done for the local and national tourist agencies in Serbia as well as for clients in hotelier and recreational industry.


Product Photography

Having the opportunity to work for more than hundred clients in diverse industries, I had to venture into the field of product photography. 

Architecture Photography

My work in architectural photography was mainly for documentation purposes. During and after the construction work, my clients from infrastructural industry required documenting their work from start to finish. 

I also had few clients in entertainment and hotelier industry asking for beautiful photos to promote their businesses.