Digital and Print Publication Design by

Sarah Vieira

I always challenge students to be versatile, and able to design for print, the web as well as mobile devices.

Project Details

Raffles Design Institute

Raffles University System, Singapore | Raffles Design Institute, Guangzhou, China

Program Director and Lecturer of Visual Communication and Digital Media Design, 2011 - 2016

How to be creative? That is the most common question students in China have asked me. The answer to this question is not that simple. In past few years, design as a profession evolved a lot.  Now, the design requires the solid understanding of marketing and consumer behavior. Only by understanding what customers want, students can better utilize their creative thinking and design skills.

However, patience is the most valuable characteristic students appreciate. And that is what I have learned well by teaching in an environment surrounded by students from all around the world.

At Raffles Design Institute, I was responsible for teaching classes related to User Experience, Information Architecture, Interface Design, Web Design and Development, Video and Audio Production, Motion Graphics, Publication Design as well as Creative Thinking, Cultural Studies, Marketing on the Web and Project Management.

Westwood College

Arlington-Bolton Campus, Arlington, VA, USA

Visual Communications Adjunct Professor, 2010

I started teaching at Westwood overnight. I got my job offer to start working on the next day, right after my interview. This was very frightening since I knew little about teaching.

However, I accepted the offer and quickly learned how to present dynamic and engaging lectures. Soon after,  I received the recognition for outstanding teaching in the Westwood School of Design.

During my time with Westwood College, I taught classes related to the fields of Interaction Design, Packaging Design, Publication Design and Design History.